Below, I list my research publications and preprints according to topic in reverse chronological order.

* graduate students that I mentored. ** graduate students that I co-mentored.

Significance-Based Community Detection

Wilson, J.D., Palowitch, J., Bhamidi, S., and Nobel, A.B. (2017) Community extraction in multilayer networks with heterogeneous community structure. Accepted, Journal of Machine Learning Research <preprint><code>

Wilson, J.D., Wang, S.  Mucha, P.J., Bhamidi, S., and Nobel, A.B. (2014) A testing based extraction algorithm for identifying significant communities in networks. The Annals of Applied Statistics 8(3), 1853-1891. <reprint><code

Wilson, J.D., Bhamidi, S., and Nobel, A.B. (2013) Measuring the statistical significance of local connections in directed networks. Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Frontiers of Network Analysis: Methods, Models and Applications. <reprint>

Network Change Detection and Monitoring

Woodall, W.H., Zhao, M., Paynabar, K., Sparks, R., and Wilson, J.D. (2017) An overview and perspective on social network monitoring. IISE Transactions 49:3, 354 - 365. <preprint>

Sparks, R., and Wilson, J.D. (2017) Monitoring communication outbreaks among an unknown team of actors in dynamic networks. <preprint> (under review)

Wilson, J.D., Stevens, N.T., and Woodall, W.H. (2017) Modeling and detecting change in temporal networks via a dynamic degree corrected stochastic block model. <preprint><code> (under review)

Jeske, D., Stevens, N.T., Wilson, J.D., and Tartakovsky, A. (2017) Statistical network surveillance. Accepted, Wiley StatsRef-Statistics Reference Online.

Jeske, D., Stevens, N.T., Wilson, J.D., and Tartakovsky, A. (2017) Statistical methods for network surveillance. (under review)

Exponential Random graph models

Wilson, J.D., Desmarais, B., Cranmer, S., Denny, M., and Bhamidi, S. (2017) Stochastic weighted graphs: flexible model specification and simulation. Social Networks 4937 - 47.  <preprint><code>

Stillman, P.E., Wilson J.D., Denny, M.J., Desmarais, B., Bhamidi, S., Cranmer, S., and Lu, Z-L (2017) Statistical modeling of the default mode brain network reveals a segregated highway structure. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 11694.

Lee, J.**, Li, G., and Wilson J.D. (2017) Varying-coefficient models for dynamic networks. <preprint><code> (under revision at Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics)

Methods in Machine Learning and Data Mining

Baybay, M.*, Wilson, J.D., and Stillman, P. (2017) Multi-node2vec: fast feature engineering for multilayer networks. <preprint available upon request>

MacMillan, K.* and Wilson, J.D. (2017) Topic supervised non-negative matrix factorization. <technical report>

Network-Based Analyses and Applications

Mackay, J. and Wilson, J.D. (2017) A Free Market or a Fixed Market? Network Approaches to Detecting Collusion within Regional Labor Markets. (under review)

Szekely, E., Pappa, I., Wilson, J.D., Bhamidi, S., Jaddoe, V., Verhulst, H.T., and Shaw, P. (2016) Childhood peer network characteristics: genetic influences and links with early mental health trajectories. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 57(6), 687 - 694. <reprint

Parker, K.S., Wilson, J.D., Marschall, J., Mucha, P.J., and Henderson, J.P. (2015) Network analysis reveals sex- and antibiotic resistance-associated antivirulence targets in clinical uropathogens. American Chemical Society: Infectious Diseases 1(11), 523 - 532. <preprint>