Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science
Associate Director of Research, Data Institute
University of San Francisco
Email: jdwilson4 (at) usfca (dot) edu
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About Me

I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of San Francisco (USF), where I am part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Master of Data Science program, and Associate Director of Research at the Data Institute. I received my Ph.D in Statistics and Operations Research under the advisement of Professors Shankar Bhamidi and Andrew Nobel at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015.

My research focuses on the development, analysis and application of computational methods for complex network data. My work relies on applying statistical principles from random graph theory to enable inference on various families of networks, including multilayer, dynamic and weighted networks. I work on network problems in a variety of application areas, including functional brain imaging, political voting trends, and labor market competition. I also work closely with companies in the Bay Area to solve exciting data science and network analysis problems. This year I am excited to be working with analytics members at Reddit and UCSF Neuroscape.

I am also co-founder and CTO of Cerenetics, Inc. Our aim is to dramatically and reliably improve the accuracy and interpretability of treatment effect measurements to asses the efficacy of experimental interventions for individuals suffering from brain injury and illness.

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