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Life outside of Work

My wife Rosie and I are so incredibly grateful for our amazing (now almost 1 year old!) daughter. She definitely keeps us busy, but we are enjoying every day. There are simply too many photos to possibly capture our happiness, but these provide a small glimpse. Above: (Left) hiking in the beautiful (but really cold) Rocky Mountain National Park in October, 2018. Our daughter couldn’t move in all of her layers but she still managed to have a smile. (Right) Her first adventure to a pumpkin patch in Nicasio Valley, CA, in October, 2018. We’re a huge fan of her overalls.

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Above (Left) Rosie and our daughter in High Line park, NY in September, 2018. We went to adore Piet Oudolf’s and other’s beautiful landscaping to give us ideas for our back yard. By the way, landscaping and gardening has become a major hobby of mine and Rosie’s right now as we fix up our front and back yards. (Right) a professionally taken photo at Mitch and Phanie’s wedding in NY. This was one of our first major outings though it was our daughter’s second wedding. Don’t worry, there will be many more photos to come :)